Prooflink partners with Clavid to connect online merchants with SuisseID

27 September — As of today citizens of Switzerland are able to use their online identity, SuisseID at Prooflink connected websites. Online merchants are able to accept SuisseID credentials to replace their existing registration and login procedures. Visitors can directly start shopping and therefore increase conversion and trust for the connected merchant. They are now able to not only accept social logins like Google, FaceBook, Twitter, but also more identity proofed credentials.

July 2011

  1. Jul 14

    Prooflink partners with EFactor

    As of today the entrepreneurs of EFactor, the world's largest community for entrepreneurs, are able to use their online membership at Prooflink connected websites. Entrepreneurs can use their existing EFactor account, with user consent, at other websites to easily login and share data. Websites that rely on the EFactor identities will be able to offer additional services based upon the EFactor membership, provide discounts and increase conversion.

June 2011

  1. Jun 08

    Prooflink joins Open Identity Exchange

    As of today, the European based online identity service provider, Prooflink joins the open identity exchange, a non-profit corporation serving as a neutral provider of trust frameworks for open identity technologies. By contributing to the OIX, Prooflink lays a foundation for their current and future customers to accept multiple international identity providers, like Google, Paypal or Government ID's and bridge the business, legal and technical gaps, currently limiting their online business.